I haven’t felt anything in such a long time, I question if I even have feelings anymore.

Your vibe is contagious. Make sure that’s a good thing.
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Under a dying sun - By: (Sidath Senanayake)

"Maybe you don’t like your job,Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.Well, nobody likes their job,Nobody got enough sleep…”-
Model: Kara Neko

I don’t know, but I’m tired of outdated connections. It isn’t enough to just know someone for an extended period of time to constantly have to put up with destructive and unhealthy behaviors.

We change. And that’s what nature is all about. Why are we insisting in holding on to our beliefs so rigidly? When we die, we become rigid in our physical bodies. If you hold on to what you believe in such a way, you are good as dead.
- Carolina Zacaria (via blogcarolinazacariaworld)

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It’s hard to love something
that’s only important
when it makes trouble.
- Daphne Gottlieb, From Cut It Out (via poemusicoffee)

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The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.
- Lord Byron   (via ablogwithaview)

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